After 3 years of teaching in Chicago, I am proud to propose a comprehensive 3D Animation after-school program.
The goal of this workshop is to make a collective short film within 10 classes. Students will write a story, create 3D characters, 3D sets, animate, record voices/sound effects and learn how to submit their short film to a film festival.

The curriculum is articulated around the free 3D software Blender ( and was inspired by project based learning : a
cquiring knowledge through an active production within a dynamic environment. Students will be given creative freedom, lead on the art direction and will face the challenge of working within a team while carrying the responsibility to deliver their animated sequence to complete the film.

This workshop is particularly suited for students who want a first approach to the world of filmmaking, animation and video game development in a learning environment where their voice matters.

Maxime's 3D animation workshop :

 Class 1/2 : Let's write a story ! (Storytelling+Storyboarding)
 Class 3/4 : Where are we ?  (Environmental design)
 Class 5/6 : Who's here ? (Character modeling)
 Class 7/8 : Let's animate ! (Rigging+Keyframing+MotionCapture)
 Class 9/10 : How does it sound ? (Sound mixing)
                     + Where does it go ? (Distribution)
Highlights : 

 • Making a short film within 10 classes (20 hours). 

 • Getting familiar with essential industry skills.

 • Collaborating on the art direction, learning through technical demonstrations and games, working in autonomy on sequences.

 • Sharing the creation through student film festivals.